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fees and fines

 Schedule of Fees And Fines

 Fire Inspection Program Fees:

 Periodic Inspection State Mandated  None
 Foster Care Safety Inspection  $25.00
 Group Home Safety Inspection  $25.00
 Residential Home Safety Evaluation  None

 Commercial Building and Site Plans Review Fees:

 Commercial Plans or Commercial Up Fit Plans Reviews Are Done By Square Footage (Sq Ft).
 Less than 4,999  $100.00
 5,000 to 9,999  $150.00
 10,000 to 24,000  $250.00
 25,000 to 49,999  $400.00
 50,000 or greater  $.015 per Sq Ft
 Commercial/Subdivision Preliminary Site Plan Review  
 Subdivision Plat/Site Plan Review  $150.00
 Note: For multi-tenant buildings, fees are per tenant  
 Note: Any new construction/upfits without plans or permits will result in permit fee doubled.

 Plans Review:

 Fixed Fire Suppression System (Hood Systems-Ansul)  $200.00
 Fire Alarm System  $200.00
 Sprinkler System  $200.00
 Stand Pipe System  $200.00
 Fire Pump & Related Equipment  $200.00
 ABC Permit  $150.00
 Note: For multi-tenant buildings, fees are per tenant  

 Fire Prevention Education Program Fees:

 Public Education Events  None
 Fire Prevention For Business/Industry  Material Cost Reimbursement

 Installation, Construction and Operation Permit Fees:

 Blasting- 90 days  $200.00 (per site)
 Explosive Storage  $200.00
 Carnivals & Fairs  $200.00
 Covered Mall Buildings  $200.00
 Exhibits & Trade Shows  $150.00 (each)
 Fireworks Display: Outdoor/Indoor  $200.00 (per day)
 Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials  $200.00
 Hydrant Flow Test  $50.00 (per hydrant)
 Spraying & Dipping Operations  $150.00
 Temporary Membrane Structure, Tents/Canopies  $50.00 (each)
 Under/Above Ground Storage Tank Installation,
 Upgrade or Removal
 $200.00 (per tank)
 Fumigation & Thermal Insecticidal Fogging  $150.00
 Liquid or Gas Fueled Vehicles or Equipment in
 Assembly Buildings
 $150.00 (per vehicle)


 Occupying a Structure Without a Certificate of Occupancy  $500.00 (each day)
 Life Safety Violations of Chapter 10 Involving Exit Obstructions as Described in the North Carolina Fire Code  $500.00 (each)
 All Open Burning Violations as Described in the Fire Protection Ordinance  $100.00 (each) 
 All Other Violations of the North Carolina Fire Code  $150.00 (each)
 Parking in a Marked Fire Lane  $100.00 
 Life Safety Equipment Installed Without Permit  $500.00
 Life Safety Equipment Installed Without Plans  $500.00
 Note: Construction/upfits without plans or permit will be fined $250.00

 Note: Any system installation prior to plans being reviewed or permit issued will result in fees doubled.

 Note: Any system considered life safety that is installed without a permit will result in a citation being issued for $500.00