Safety Grant Funding Program

The Town of Harrisburg Human Resources Department applied for two safety grants and was recently awarded reimbursement grant funds through the North Carolina League of Municipalities. The NCLM is the insurance pool that represents many cities and towns in North Carolina.  The pool covers and Property & Liability and Worker’s Compensation. To enhance worker safety and facility security, the NCLM recently began offering a reimbursement grant program. Municipalities must submit their requests for items with a direct impact on employee safety and facility protection to qualify for the program. While municipalities regularly budget for specific items they need, there are specialty items that are sometimes removed from the budget for future consideration. These NCLM reimbursement grants aim to fill that gap. 

Specialty items, such as containment and chain link fencing to protect Town property, were purchased with the Property & Liability Grant.  Additional atmospheric monitoring equipment for entering hazardous atmospheres, specialty cabinets for storing flammable materials and a water integrated saw to protect employees from the hazards of silica dust were all purchased through the Worker’s Compensation Grant. 

The Town received maximum reimbursement of $5,000.00 for both the Property & Liability and Worker’s Compensation Grant, totaling $10,000.00. 

The grant program is beneficial to both the Town and the NCLM. The NCLM anticipates a reduction in claim costs based on the items purchased.  In turn, insurance cost reductions allow the Town to fund other programs for its citizens that would have been cost prohibitive with property and worker’s compensation losses.