Completed Projects

2019 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Area of Focus: Cabarrus Woods

Budget: $680,000

Total Cost: $630,000

Every year, the Town of Harrisburg identifies areas in need of sanitary sewer rehabilitation. The process addresses structural defects in the sewer and reduces flow that is not meant to be in the sanitary sewer system, like rainwater. The area of focus for this project was Cabarrus Woods, a residential area with aging infrastructure. The project utilized three methods of repair: manhole lining, cast in place pipe lining, and total pipe replacement. Manhole lining is a no-dig, cost-effective solution to repairing manholes, by creating a permanent seal around the inside of the manhole. The lining significantly extends the life of the manhole without needing to completely replace the manhole and cause service disruptions. Cast In Place Pipe Lining works in a very similar way to manhole lining. CIPP is a no-dig technology that creates a new pipe inside of the old pipe using a fiberglass polyester cloth and resin.  Total Pipe replacement was the most challenging method utilized and required uncovering the existing pipe and installing a new pipe in its place. Pipes that were significantly structurally compromised, had low points or sags, or extensive tree root encroachments needed total pipe replacement.

Fiscal Year 2018 Waterline Project

Area of Focus: Ridge Drive, Patricia Ave, Autumn Drive, Whitefield Court, Boulder Creek Lane and Carving Tree Drive

Total Project Budget: $870,000

Total Project Cost: $720,000

A contractor for the Town of Harrisburg recently completed the FY2018 Waterline Project which replaced 6,000 LF of aging water infrastructure in older sections of the downtown area. Existing 2-inch and 3-inch water mains were replaced with 6-inch pipe and fire hydrants were added to provide better fire protection.

2018 Waterline