Projects In Progress

West Rocky River Elevated Storage Tank

Total Project Budget: $4.2 Million

Expected Completion Date: February, 2021

This project involves the construction and installation of a 1.0 Million Gallon Elevated Storage Tank and related site work. The new tank will increase capacity of the system to 1.4 Million Gallons. The addition of the water tower will allow the Town of Harrisburg to meet water demand requirements for current and future growth, meet fire flow requirements for current and future growth, increase storage in the system, increase system reliability, and improve water quality. Water Tower ElevationWater Tower Location Graphic

Transportation Bond Projects

Transportation Bond was approved in November 2017 for $4 million to be used for road, sidewalk and corridor improvements throughout Town. Major projects identified are: Road Resurfacing, Sidewalk Construction, Major Intersection Improvements and Hwy 49 Corridor Improvements.

Funding of the bond had to wait until July 1, 2018 and bond authorization requires the Town to execute funding within seven years of bond approval, with the Town having the option to extend it out to 10 years if desired. A significant number of projects will be initiated in 2019-2020. Private development may speed up or slow down the implementation of some projects.

Road Resurfacing 

In coordination with the Town's annual paving contract, use of Transportation Bond funding will be spent in Fall 2019 for road resurfacing. Resurfacing will take place over multiple years, with Transportation Bond funding expected to be used in future phases. For more information on road resurfacing, see the next slide. 

Sidewalk Construction

Installation of new sidewalk along the following major corridors will begin in Fall 2019: Caldwell Road, Stallings Road, Harris Depot Road and Kee Lane.

Major Intersection Improvements

Tom Query Road/Caldwell Road:

  • The Town will install a four-way stop at the intersection in the coming months and the long-term plan (2+ years from completion) is to install a signalized intersection with turn lanes. Both improvements will be fully funded by the Town but need NCDOT approvals.

Tom Query Road/Robinson Church Road:

  • A round-a-bout will be installed but the timeline is dependent upon potential residential development at the intersection. Potential private funding could spur the timeline of the project. Without private development, the project is 2-4 years from beginning.

Main Street/Roberta Road:

  • A signalized intersection will be installed and is expected to be fully funded and constructed as part of the Town Center rezoning approval. The timeline is dependent upon private development.

Rocky River Road/Robinson Church Road:

  • Turn lanes will be installed on north and southbound Robinson Church Road. A portion of the project will be funded by private development that is already approved, and the timeline is dependent upon private development. Implementation could be within the next two years.

Hwy 49 Corridor Improvements

Hwy 49 Corridor improvements are at the bottom of the priority list while the Town determines if funding is available.

Caldwell Road Extension (between Hwy 49 and Hwy 29/Concord Parkway):

  • A four-lane divided roadway corridor to connect Hwy 49 and Hwy 29/Concord Parkway will be designed as a economic development driver to what is mostly vacant, inaccessible land. This will create an alternate route to Morehead Road to reach Hwy 29/Concord Parkway and relieve traffic congestion on Morehead Road. The Town will rely on private development to fund the roadway, but design and initial construction spur will initiate economic development interest.

2019 Pavement Resurfacing

Total Project Budget: $750,000

Expected Completion Date: December 2019

Pavement resurfacing projects for the 2019 calendar year will be funded by Powell Bill (state grant) and Bond Funds. The Town budget for pavement resurfacing for 2019 is $750,000. This year, portions of five neighborhoods are scheduled for pavement improvements. For maps of pavement improvement projects, see link below:

2019 Pavement Resurfacing Projects

FY 2020 Waterline Improvements

Total Project Budget: $725,000

Expected Completion Date: June, 2020

This project will replace thin-walled PVC and small diameter water line pipes that remain throughout portions of the old system, mostly located in the oldest portions of the down town area. Replacing existing lines with 6 inch lines and adding fire hydrants will provide additional fire protection.

2019 Waterline

Britley Fire Hydrant Installation

Total Project Budget: $45,000

Expected Completion Date: December, 2019

This project will add fire hydrants to increase fire protection on the associated streets.

Britley FH