Grading Inspections

Effective July 1, 2019, A lot grading plan is required when any grading project is proposed within the Town of Harrisburg, including lot grading that is part of a larger overall development. Individual lot grading that is not consistent with the approved stormwater management and grading plan creates problems for neighboring property owners. 

A lot grading plan may also be required when a property owner changes the existing grade of their property, such as to add a swimming pool, retaining wall, outbuilding, or patio. The Town of Harrisburg Engineering Department will review all zoning clearance permit applications to determine if a grading review and inspection are warranted. If you have any questions or concerns over what warrants a grading permit, please contact Chris McIntyre at

Helpful Documents and Forms

Lot Grading Permit Instructions

Grading Permit Application

Sample Lot Grading Plan

Grading Inspection Checklist 

Certificate of Grading Form for Surveyor or Engineer